Lukale Waterfalls

The water from this waterfall originates from Ngorongoro springs (Plate 52). The streams head its water to Engare Sero village. Because Engare Sero is the most arid part of Tanzania, the Lukale waterfall is warm. Tourists and local community visit this area to jump in the natural pool to cool down. On the top of the cliff griffon vultures, black eagles, and the white-throated-bee-eater and lanners nest can be viewed. Lukale Mountains are endowed with many medicinal plants which local people in the village utilize them for treatment of various diseases. These medicinal plants includes around this area includes, Dichrostachys cinerea, Kanahia laniflora (Plate 53), Salvadora persica, Tamarindus indica, Ximenia Americana, Acacia tortilis, Cissus quadrangulari, Cordia ovalis and Sanseveria suffruticosa.

Plate 52: Lukale Mountains and waterfall

Plate 53: Dichrostachys cinerea(Left) and Kanahia laniflora (Right) medicinal plants used in Lukale