Mbushi Sacred Cave

In Tanzania god is the ultimate object of worship people approach through intermediaries: religious functionaries, ancestors and divinities. There is an abundance of temples, shrines, groves and altars. Some special trees, some rivers, forests, rocks, rock shelters, caves and mountains are considered manifestations of the sacred. These features often serve as places of worship people and ritual initiation places. God and the divinities are worshipped through sacrifices, offerings, prayers, invocations, praises, music and dance. Such types of worship continue to be practiced at Mbushi cave (Plate 27). The cave has religious and spiritual associations with the local communities. Diviners, healers conjure up visions and communicate with the spirits of Mbushi cave. The Mbushi cave has natural spring water that people believe they heal when you drink. An ill person gets better if they drink the water from the spring given by the traditional healer.

Plate 27: Natural spring water in Mbushi cave

The geosite is surrounded by important medicinal plants of medicinal and ritual value such as Sterculia africana (for ritual) and Dichrostachys cinerea, Ormocarpum trichocarpum, Strophanthus eminii, Ficus ingens and Sclerocarya birrea to mention a few, which are of medicinal importance to the local people (Plate 28).


Plate 28: Sterculia africana (Left) and Ficus ingens (Right) important medicinal plants in Mbushi