Olkarien Gorge

The gorge is located in the east of the Gol Mountains. The gorge is situated under the huge mountains, slicing canyon and spectacular rock that beautifies the area. It is extremely deep and narrow gorge (Plate 12-15) cutting through high fault Mountains.

The gorge could have been formed by tectonic faults that opened the Mountains forming a river through the core of the Mountains. The river course is nearly flat with very gentle slopes. The peak of these raised Mountains could approach a kilometer. The gorge extends up to 8 km long. The walls of these Mountains are vertical, 90-100º. It’s unique gorge of its kind in the entire Rift Valley Escarpment. On top of the Mountains, there are primary nesting sites of the ruppell’s griffon vultures(See plate 15).


Plate 12: A cross section of Olkarien Gorge

Plate 13: The Olkarien Gorge

Plate 14 (a and b): Continues slicing canyons of Olkarien Gorge

Plate 15: The Gorge is primary nesting ground for vultures