The breathing mountain

On slopes of Olmot Mountain there are four holes of 8-10 inches at the opening (Plate 23 and 24) but narrowing towards inside up to 3cm. These holes are blowing very cold air. The blown air is clear, odorless and light to breath. Some locals residing the areas for many years have known these holes. In one of these holes a blowing sound like wind or flowing water inside can be heard. After the visit of Olkarian Gorge, it was confirmed the cold air is blown from this Gorge. Within this Gorge there are narrow walls, which have cold air similarly to what comes from the holes of Olmot Mountain. There could be small channels that face their direction towards Olmot Mountain thus blowing wind, which under pressure and cooling processes underground the outlet air become cold. In meantime, these two natural cold air-fanning holes are used for aesthetic and ritual purposes. Within this area, there are plants of medicinal values used by the local Maasai such as Zanthoxylum chaybeum.


Plate 23: Breathing holes



Plate 24: Breathing holes